By Marge G. Williams

5   Houston, Texas, United States ||  Apr 17 2011

Hello, Jerry!  Remember me?  LOL.. you must meet thousands of people... but I DID paint your portrait and gave it to you at the LSAG convention when you gave a demo there.. Anyway.. I have a question for you. Have you tried the new Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylics?  I've been working with them and they are quite different... but only slight color shift!  I like that part.  It would be really GOOD for you to learn this new medium, I think.  I've posted a parrot on my facebook page that I did with this new medium and I'm working on a bluebonnet painting now... and taking a class in oils.. Happy for you with all your new activities and will keep you in my prayers... Marge

By Cheryl Jones

5   East Liverpool, Ohio, United States ||  Apr 16 2011

Jerry: I joined your online school, and I have to tell you-I am learning so much I can hardly believe it! I knew nothing about perspective, color mixing, or composition after painting for about 35 years! I only painted what my eyes saw! Even though I sold some of my work through the years, I always felt that I needed guidance, and that my paintings were too "stiff" ; now, thanks to you, my work has improved 100%. My only question is this-when will you be adding more to your school website? I am so hungry for more information! Thank you, again for sharing so freely with your information, Jerry. God Bless You!

By Pam

1   , United States ||  Apr 11 2011

It was a shier pleasure to be in your class and see your place LIVE and have you show me the ways of a master!! Thank you so much .... My son in law Perry enjoyed it also and we are still talking about You and our time together....i will wite you again later as I have to get to the Senior paint class early and show my excitement to the ladys there and pictures that you let me take ---thank YOu so Much......"Walk ye into it"   from Pam

By Janice Loss

5   Fairfield, MT, United States ||  Apr 04 2011

I received by hummingbird print the other day and it brought such joy. I love those little critters- don't get to see alot of them around here so when we do it is such a blessing. Thank you for that. Also wanted to say I am learning something new everyday I watch Jerry and so appreciate the gift he has and the gift of teaching. Easy man to learn from. Hope to make a trip to your studio someday. God bless you, stay inspired and I hope to see you again someday!

By bev shinault

5   rancho cucamonga ca, United States ||  Mar 30 2011

Thank God for your talent, thank you for your kindness. Your classroom is a place where you so generously share what took you years to learn at a pace that helps every one of your students. Your classroom may be in your studio, conference room, or our  livingrooms.  Thank you again for your geniune & humble presence. Your class was a highlight that will stay forever as an extraordinary experience. God Bless you and keep you and Donna.   

By Lou

5   Texas, United States ||  Mar 24 2011

Thanks I recived today the print signed by Jerry

By Leah Phryce-Jones

5   New Brunswick, Canada ||  Mar 24 2011

Dear Jerry, apart from being a fantastic teacher, you are an inspiration to all, always kind, a wonderful person to paint "with" via TV - always gently encouraging - and I WILL one day give myself a treat and attend one of your workshops. That would be wonderful, to meet you in person and be under your guidance. With mindest wishes and thanks...

By Cheryl A. Jones

5   East Liverpool, Ohio, United States ||  Mar 20 2011

Thank you so much for hhelping  me become a much better, and informed artist! I have painted for about 35 years, but just from what my eye saw-I had no color theory, perspective, etc. I feel as if I have found a beacon in my artwork direction. Thank you Jerry, so much, for your thoughtful direction, and beautiful artwork that is something I am striving to attain. Your gifts are truly from God, and he is speaking through your abilities to make us stop and appreciate our world around us. I have learned more within a few of your dvds than I ever learned from my high school art classes-I really feel that I have wasted the last 35 years of my life with the limited knowledge I have been able to study from other methods and artists. Thank you for giving so freely of your years of knowledge, Jerry. I only wish that you could travel to a city close to me in Ohio-that would be a dream come true!! Thank you, again, and please keep inspiring us! God Bless You.

By Sharon

5   Maine, United States ||  Mar 19 2011

I just wanted to to thank you so much for your online videos. I used to watch you all the time but up here they don't have any of your shows. I was thrilled to find you online.I'd forgotten what an excellnet teacher you are. I've been tossing back and forwards about using oils but I've realized since watching you how wonderful acyrlics are and I should stick to what I like using best. I've already found a few new techniques already watching you. I can hardly wait for the spring painting. still cold and snowy up here a touch of Spring will go a long way...Thank you for being such an inspiration.

By Debbie McCoy

5   Davis Oklahoma, United States ||  Mar 15 2011

Hello Jerry. I have signed up for the 12 months online. I am wondering if you will be adding more to what is already on here and also would like any suggestions on a problem I am currently having. I am trying to do a ground cover of fallen dead leaves. It is a painting of a walking path from a local park. there isn't grass but it is covered with grey fallen leaves and am having a hard time coming up with a technique to mimic this. Any advice???

By Danny Carnes

5   Greer, SC, United States ||  Mar 12 2011

About a Month ago I saw Jerry on BYU channel. I was so taken by his work and teaching. He is so talented, and he has a way of putting things in simple terms. I watch him everyday..I have been painting for about 8 years now, and I'm learning allot from Jerry..Jerry just finished teaching us on how to paint the hair on a wolf. I've always wanted to paint a wolf, but could never get the fur right. But now I feel that I can.. Keep up your great work Jerry. You are makeing great artist out of allot of people out there...

By Marion

5   Fl, United States ||  Mar 10 2011

Jerry, I am so blessed to recieve your daily programs on BYU and am grateful to you for providing such fabulous instruction. Since I also have the ability to tivo all your shows and review all I want , would there be an additional benefit to signing up online. I am not crazy about looking at a small screen as opposed to tv screen, but if you can convince me that there is so much more to learn online, I will. I particularly enjoyed study on trees and would like more of that in all areas. ...more tropical, also ...and do you ever do workshops in Fl?...even though would love to come to your town to the barn....Sorry so long , but you have created a passion for painting in me like no other. A thousand thank yous for your time , effort and passion of teaching others...You are a blessing!!!!!

By Mike

5   SC, United States ||  Mar 07 2011

Jerry, I really enjoy the videos.  I have ordered several videos and brushes of yours through the years and I attended one of your workshops in Roswell back in '08 I believe.  I may try the online school next.  I just wanted to pass along my best wishes and also to thank you for willingness to share your talent. May God continue to richly bless you!

By Craig

5   WV, United States ||  Mar 03 2011

I would give 5 stars if the online stuff could be watched on an iPad!  Other than that, I'm finding the videos to be a gold mine.  I had done Bob Ross-style painting for years, then switched to acrylic.  I've taken a few classes, but I've learned more from these videos than from all the classes combined!  Awesome!  Thanks!

By Rob Meloche

5   Amherstburg, Ont, Canada ||  Feb 25 2011

HI Jerry.  You've sure inspired me to paint.  I've been a mud-mixer in oils for a couple of years, but now my paintings are starting to look like i know a little about it.  I got lucky to catch one of your shows on PBS.  They are not shown regularly on local PBS - a shame. I've bought a number of your books and DVD's and they help me immensely.  I'm certain you've touched a great many lives in a very positve way.  Please keep up the great work.  I'm looking forward to more painting in my future.  thanks for the insiration.

By charles king

5   west melbourne florida, United States ||  Feb 23 2011

I've watched you on our PBS station for a number of years. I've really enjoyed it,but your online school is fantastic. I'm so glad that I joined. It's the next best thing to being in a classroom. Maybe someday I'll be in one of your classes.

By George Reimuth

5   San Bernadino, Ca., United States ||  Feb 20 2011

Hellor  jerry, yesterday I attempted your painting lesson on autumn delight, I still need a lot of work on the autumn foliage . until next time GOD BLESS . your new student George.

By Louis

5   Texas, United States ||  Feb 19 2011

I been watching the online videos and is increible how the underpainting is inmportant to the painting.
Thanks Mr.Yarnell school

By George Reimuth

5   San Bernadino, United States ||  Feb 19 2011

hey jerry , is that just 20.00 dollars a month for twelve months otherwords I just pay 20.00 each month for the next twelve months.

Yes, that is correct.

By Kelly Corbin

5   Pawhuska, OK, United States ||  Feb 12 2011

I am just wanting to start painting.  Have always admired the ability of a lot of artists.

By Ann Mariw

5   Carleton Place, Canada ||  Feb 06 2011

Hi Jerry, My Mom has been a follower of you and has several books and DVDs. Mom has been faltering for years but has continued to promise paintings to different people. Now it is her Doctor. I have taken over and have completed her painting. I have a regained my confidence as a painter. Our journey has been interesting as the patients, nurses and doctors have a ongoing interest of each paintings progress. Thank you Jerry for teaching both of us. Ann Marie

By Tonya

5   , United States ||  Feb 02 2011

After a few years of painting along with Jerry from grainy public TV episodes, I am super excited using his new online school. Unbelievable!! The videos are crystal clear, VERY informative and helpful. I love the ten minute "Snippits&qu ot; that focus on a given topic (snow, various types of trees, water reflections, types of shadows, wood grain, etc.) Viewing an entire series online (24x7) without having to wait for 4 weeks for public TV to show all the sessions makes it SO convenient. It is handy being able to pause and rewind. No more dragging my easel and setting up in the den to view on the TV. As always, the 2011 series of paintings are gorgeous and Jerry is inspiring and offers professional quality instructions and a variety of interesting paintings to learn from. I highly recommend any serious artist get signed up for the Online School immediately to boost your progress. The VERY reasonable fee is incredible for an opportunity to have 24x7 access to paint along with a famous professional artist.

By Dane Smith

5   Lanesville, Indiana, United States ||  Jan 23 2011

Jerry, Love your show on pbs out of Louisville, ky. watching your shows have taken me from a ham fisted beginner, to where I have sold 6 paintings in 2010, started with acrylic and now am using acrylic underpainting with water micerable oil on top, keep up the good work and thanks again. Dane Smith Lanesville, Indiana

By John Olsavicky

5   Uniontown, PA, United States ||  Jan 13 2011

I've been following along with Jerry's miniature series and just finished my version of "Homestead&q uot;, a wintery farmhouse scene. What a pleasure it was to watch as Jerry shared his talent. Thanks for all the tips. I look forward to the next show.

By Linda B

5   Napa CA, United States ||  Jan 09 2011

The previous comment is truly a sad one. The most sure way any of Jerry's students or visitors to his website know they are on the correct web page is if the baackground is BLUE it is Jerry's current and only web site. As a long time student of Jerry's I'd be lost without this connection.  Please share this simple hint with your fellow artists so we support Jerry, his workshops, and on-line school in the way we intend.  BLUE =Jerry

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