By Jeanne

5   Arizona, United States ||  Sep 08 2011

Jerry...I live in Arizona and my acrylics get a dry coating on them quickly.  Is there a medium you use to keep this from happening  OR is there a product that doesn't dry out so quickly.  Thanks for your shows...I'm a beginner and you've really helped me.

Jeanne, we have responded to your email address. Many answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) like yours are available on Jerry’s website and click on the FAQs tab.

By Debbie

5   Wisconsin, United States ||  Sep 05 2011

I just started watching your art show on TV and am so inspired by your art.  I have painted and drawn since a kid but with your shows, I hope to improve my own work.  I am so glad I have the channel now to watch you...hope they don't take it away.  Will keep watching.  I love the western landscapes and love to draw and paint them with elk, horse and deer...birds too. Thanks for a wonderful art program!

By Joy Bruce

5   Welch, Oklahoma, United States ||  Aug 30 2011

Jerry...I was surprised to see an article about you while turning thro the pages of Augusts " Oklahoma Living". Hanging on the wall in my home is a 'Yarnell Painting' from 1987...My name was drawn after you fininsed a demonstration at 'The Christian Book Store', Miami, Oklahoma. No, it doesn't really go with the decor of my home today, but I love the colors and detail and the memories of being there that day with my precious grand daughter....  Joy Bruce

By Helen

5   Atlanta, United States ||  Aug 29 2011

I love your show, but having a hard time catching the names of the paint colors needed.  Could you please list the proper names of the paint at the beginning of the show? Or tell me where to find this info. on line?Thanks.

Please check your email as we have sent you Jerry's palette which is also available on our website. Thank you!

By Denyse

5   Kingman Az, United States ||  Aug 28 2011

Jerry, you have helped me pick up the Paint Brush again after my husband passing away. Thank you. Also Is there a CD or DVD for Sale with the Values Snippett??  Really want it!!! Thanks. Denyse

Yes, it's volume 13. Please check your email as we've just sent you additional information, Thank you!

By Dan

5   So Cal, United States ||  Aug 24 2011

 I'm 52. I'm very please to see Jerry is still painting, and teaching, after all these years. I've seen him on PBS since the mid-80s, but I was a Bob Ross wet-on-wet oil painter. I gave it up for 15 years after Bob passed away. I've taken up painting again, and Jerry will be now showing me the way thru fine art acrylic painting. I'm enrolled in his online school. After three days, I'm so impressed.  Mr. Yarnell, you are the best.

By Dennis Joseph Yanoski

5   Morristown, NJ, United States ||  Aug 24 2011

We all have to thank Jerry for his fine work and ministry. It's something the world needs now. Dennis

By Connie Behiel

5   Watson, Canada ||  Aug 16 2011

Hi, I am an online member and was just wondering  could the paintings critiqued (from the Critique sessions) be shown and the critique Jerry gave for each painting be written up and posted for everyone's benefit? That would also be a great teaching tool! Keep up the good work. Connie

Connie, this would be a personal, individual decision by each of those students who participated in the program, and not something that Jerry would publish. Thank you.

By Cheryl Jones

5   East Liverpool, Ohio, United States ||  Aug 16 2011

Hi Jerry: I just finished with the 'feathers snippets" and I am really hoping that you demonstrate painting an owl or a hawk. Landscapes are beautiful, but sometimes I just want to put some type of wildlife in them! Your snippets are wonderful-keep up the good work. Sincerely, Cheryl

Check out The Guardian, series 202, of a hawk. Think you'll enjoy this one!

By Gloria Buck

5   Greenville, IL, United States ||  Aug 11 2011

Dear Jerry and Donna, I am beyound excited!! Art has been my passion since the third grade. I colored, drew or painted all through highschool. But didn't have time after my marriage, 5 children, RN school and 23 yrs in the nursing field, seven grandchildren and 6 grt-grandchildren. Today, after watching your show on TV for several months, I have found art again! You are God sent, shareing with others your talent, knowledge of art and a lifetime of learning art secrets, such a good teacher, down to earth style. You give so much to others. So, once again, with paint brush in hand,I am sending a heart felt THANK YOU!! Now I am going to open this box UPS delivered today full of goodies from Yarnell Studio and School of Fine Art, stand back world, here I I have wings...Thank you, Jerry, ...from a 67 year old grt-grandma,( as grt-grandpa cheers me on)... God is good!! Gloria Buck

By Clotilde

0   Raleigh, NC, United States ||  Aug 09 2011

By Wendy

5   NorthernCalifornia, United States ||  Aug 07 2011

Hi Jerry: I just found you online and I want to say how much I appreciate your online school.  I have been muddling my way through acrylic painting and had so many questions about technique...thank you so very much for your wonderful instruction.  The fact that you are a fellow believer is just icing on the cake.  May God bless you. Thanks again!

By Mary Ann

5   Gainsville, United States ||  Aug 07 2011

Why don't the owners of your former company Yarnell Art "move on" with the promotion of all their other artists on their website and stop posting "Jerry Yarnell" all over their Home page as if you're still there? Are they stuck in the past?

By Mary

5   Colorado, United States ||  Aug 04 2011

Thanks for the postcard.  Now I know where to find you again.  Looking forward to the new teaching series.  God bless you.

By Sharon Carpenter

5   Temecula, CA, United States ||  Aug 03 2011

Jerry is a first class artist, a first class instructor, and a first class and down to earth guy. I just utilized the new Critique for Fee via phone; do yourselves a favor and partake of this very helpful and enlightning service.  Worthy of the fee and of every minute spent!!!  This is a service I will employ again and again! Thank you so much to Jerry, Donna and the entire team at YARNELL SCHOOL OF FINE ART. Sharon - Southern California

By Wayne

5   Westminster, MA, United States ||  Aug 02 2011

Hi Jerry and staff. Growing up watching my parents and other family members paint, draw,, sew etc, I wondered if I'd EVER find something I could do. My Father mentioned that he watched you on TV in Florida and that I should look you up. All I can say is that your website and TV shows are like a breath of fresh air. I feel like I've finally found something that I can do! I've started watching your show, have begun painting and have completed about 5 from your show. I feel like there's no way I can fail because of the way you present the information and teach the techniques. I'm still in the very early stages and am looking forward to many years of watching you and learning. I guess at 54 yrs old I CAN learn new tricks! I hope to make it out to a workshop some day as well. Thank you and your staff so much for making your knowledge available to all of us. I really appreciate your time and effort to help us all learn the correct way. I truely wish you and yours all the best!

By James Dean

5   hobbs New Mexico, United States ||  Aug 01 2011

I wanted to say thank you for the online school. I miss most of the shows on tv due to my workload. would like to come to your studio for private lessons. need to find out what times are open so I can plan ahead. you and your staff are doing a great job. thank you again James Dean

By Mary

5   Arkansas, United States ||  Aug 01 2011

A few months ago I discovered your shows on BYUTV and since I have a few of your videos in my library, I was ecstatic.  I record the shows daily with DVR so I can watch at my leisure and I never miss one unless it isn't broadcast (which sadly happens every once in a while).  I have learned more from your instruction than any other.  I have never taken an actual class, but I hope to take one of your classes someday.  Also, I saw on YouTube that the other web site was not the correct site.  I love all mediums but have a new found appreciation for acrylics.  </span>I would love to see something with watercolor as well.  I am a huge fan and am eager to see and learn more.

By Danielle Mingear

5   Redmond Oregon, United States ||  Jul 30 2011

I love your work!!!!  My dad introduced me to you and I would love for him and I to join one of your workshops!!! Do you have plans of visiting Oregon anytime in the future???  My dad is an awesome painter and he has taught me a lot but I also got a set of your dvd's for christmas!!  Unfortunatly they don't work in my dvd player!!  But I can hook my computer up to the tv!!  Thank You for teaching us how to paint!!!

By Lou

5   Texas, United States ||  Jul 30 2011

Jerry I really liked this new  videos , great quality A+++

By Al

5   California, United States ||  Jul 23 2011

Jerry , I have been to your workshops and been critiqued, but never did I feel like I was getting such personal attention. WOW!!! I cannot wait to use your inputs and take my paintiing up to the next level. I am truely grateful to be able to learn from a master artist. Al

By Doug Robinson

5   Goderich,On, Canada ||  Jul 18 2011

Hi Jerry, Happy to find you again. I keep missing your TV programs but now have the time/day for your new show. You've helped me in so many ways with my painting..your a blessing...thanks you...God bless you my friend   Doug

By Sheila

5   Ormond Beach, Florida, United States ||  Jul 13 2011

I love all of your shows. But I really love the new shows. I want to thank you for your teachings on tv. I've in the past, have order tapes and CDs, and books. I paint because I enjoy it. But I've also have sold some of my work. I don't advertise, someone just happens to see a painting, and chooses buy. You are the one who helped me discover my talent. Thank you, and God bless.

By Ron Barnhill

5   Vancouver, Washington, United States ||  Jul 13 2011

I'm heartbroken!!  It appears that KOPB in Portland Oregon has stopped carrying your show, cold turkey without warning. I also pray for you.  You have experienced all aspects of what life is and found that the Lord was always and will always be at our sides. I can't handle even $25 a month at this time but look forward to joining you when time and circumstance allow.

By Linda Keyes

5   , United States ||  Jul 09 2011

Hi Jerry:  I would find it most helpful to see a foreground which includes a leafy branch...say one that a bird is sitting on.  You tend to use a lot of bare branches in the foreground but that really isn't what I see in my area.  I need to make a lush foreground in many scenes of California.  Thanks much for any snippets you can put together on this special effect.

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