By Katja

5   , Germany ||  Oct 30 2011

Dear Jerry, will you ever be in Germany for workshops? It would be great. Many regards, Katja

By Bonnie Poore

5   Bethlehem Kentucky, United States ||  Oct 27 2011

Jerry & Donna, Thanks so much for everything. I learned so much, and the attmosphere of the studio was warm and inviting. Jerry your patients and enthusiasm for your craft/art is very apparent. I look forward to many more sessions in the future. God bless, see you soon. Mike

By Sharon

5   ME, United States ||  Oct 25 2011

Jerry, one of the best teachers out there.

By Roz Zinns

5   Martinez, CA, United States ||  Oct 22 2011

I just started watching your show, which is amazing.  I've been using acrylics for a long time and always have trouble with the palette and brushes drying out too fast.  How do you keep everything workable, especially being under those hot lights?

Roz, please check the FAQs (frequently asked questions) section of our website That question comes up a lot and a complete detailed answer is available to you there. Thank you so much! Jerry & Donna Yarnell

By caroline

5   skiatook, United States ||  Oct 21 2011

i wanted to send you a note about finding a mag in the er at bailey med cent while waiting for my sister to have a test.....usually its me when i am there....anyway i was flipping thru the mag & picked up the august issue of okla living & to my surprise there was a pic of your painting & a great article on you jerry.....i thot what are the odds of picking that particular mag?  ot was a great really brought me back to the good ole days~!  thanks for all the prayers i have recieved i feel that was the real medicine i needed....i got past the need of chemo...i am doing great...miss you to all caroline

By Michel Wilkins

5   Long Beach, CA, United States ||  Oct 20 2011

Thanks... You are an inspiration, Love your teaching and hope to see more of your great work. Bless you Mike

By jackie mcGreevey

5   plymouth MN, United States ||  Oct 16 2011

It hit me today as I was working along with one of your shows (the Sedona painting), something that I (and Im thinking many others) would find very helpful would be to have a picture in the corner of the screen somewhere of the completed painting we are working on. Its difficult sometimes to see where exactly we are going with our strokes sometimes with out it as a reference. I find myself going to a shot where it is being shown and pausing it as I work on certain areas, but I'd much rather be able to still be working alone with your instruction at the same time. It also would allow for 'artistic license' and making changes as we go along if we are  inspired to. Having only the painting being completed as reference (which of course is always wonderful) its difficult to veer from what we see, when we aren't seeing where we are heading (if that makes any sense) anyway, regardless what you do about this, I am very happy with your instruction, but thought I would pass along my thoughts.. take care! Jackie M

Our online school does provide finished references to the originals. On TV, we have a lot of good ideas for enhancements -- however we are required to adhere to PBS guidelines. We do also provide photos with any of our DVDs that you purchase. Thank you!

By Paula

5   Norman, OK, United States ||  Oct 16 2011

Jerry, I'm new to your PBS program. I love your technics. I am excited that with your "Critique for Fee" program (15 minutes with you for $35), I can email a picture for your review. I have done this in the past with great results. It's a great tool you’ve added to your website.

By Jackie McGreevey

5   Plymouth MN, United States ||  Oct 15 2011

I was so excited to find your show this past summer... Art has been my only means of maintaining sanity of late... You are a beautiful artist with an obvious wonderful God given talent of teaching. Thank you for being dedicated to reaching out to those of us unable to attend formal traditional art education. I was so heartbroken to see you are no longer airing on BYUTV.... is there a plan to return there or expand on PBS to more than weekly?  also as an FYI, I had purchased some online downloads from the previous website this summer, prior to knowing you were no longer affiliated. I am still however getting emails for offers that are signed as Diane Yarnell... This seems odd, just trying to clarify.. Anyway, thanks again, I am a dedicated student who someday hopes to join you for class at your studio! Best to you and yours~ jackie M

Jackie, thank you for your post. We have several plans in works as far as our shows airing. And yes, you are correct, we are not affiliated with Company Yarnell Art or my previous website where you accessed the downloads. Thank you again, Jackie. Let us know when you can come to the studio as we'd love to have you!

By Geannie

5   CA, United States ||  Oct 15 2011

Frustrating!  I misplaced your phone # and accidentally got your sister-in-law Dianne of "Yarnell Art" who refused to give me your studio phone number.  I was later able to find you number -- but found it very strange that she did this!

Sorry about that, Geannie!

By Pamela Hansen

5   bandon, OR, United States ||  Oct 06 2011

Glad to have found you here!

By sandy Bratcher

5   knoxville, tn, United States ||  Oct 05 2011

Hi Jerry, I am a certified Bob Ross instructor I hane MS and have not painted in almost 7 yrs. ,since my Dad died. I saw your show today for the first time on NRB. I have never tried acyrillics. Only Oil and charcoal, but became enthralled with your painting. I know God has been urging me for a longtime to paint again. I have let my Ms and the loss of my parents hinder me. Your show confirmed that Jesus wants me to paint again and not standstill in life. I cannot travel due mostly to financial issues , but I think if I try method here at home it would be an answer for me. Oil is difficult to contain in the small room I have to paint in and can cause a mess that often is permanent. since your type can be cleaned up easily I think my Hubby would let me paint in the house. Thank You for your inspiration. God Bless, Sandy

By Jim Brenke

5   Kasson, Minnesota, United States ||  Sep 29 2011

Hi Jerry,      I've been a fan of your show for years.  I have no formal art training, but have learned a great deal watching your show. I also teach drawing and watercolor painting to kids and adults.  The kids at the church we attend love my drawing class. Thanks to what I learned from you, I am a better artist and a much better teacher. God bless you and your family.

By Diania Croy

5   Florida, United States ||  Sep 29 2011

Hi Jerry, Just heard your telephone message on my answering machine.  Can't wait to find out about all the great things you have planned. You are my favorite none! God bless and keep painting and inspiring others.

By Warren P.

5   Bedford, VA, United States ||  Sep 29 2011

Jerry, I have been watching a long time on PBS, BYU, and NRB , all were great.  However, I have to hand it to you Yarnell School Online (YSO) is the greatest.  I am disabled and have TIVO'd your shows and watch them over and over.  Now I have everthing when ever I want it 24/7 its terrific.  You should have done this long ago, its a lot better than D'TV, I feel like you are here with me in my studio.  Can't wait for the webinars I used these when I was able to work to have meetings and schools and they work great.

By Katherine

5   Georgia, United States ||  Sep 27 2011

I just found Jerry's message on YouTube. I was confused by the multiple websites. I am so happy that he cleared this and I know that this is his true official website. Jerry, thank you for sharing your knowledge. If it wasn't for your shows I wouldn't be painting today. Everything I know about painting, I learned from you. I started late in life because I had no mentor or direction, but now I can't wait to paint every day and I love it thanks to you! Bless you again and again! Katherine

By Jantina Stickland

5   Hamilton,Ontario, Canada ||  Sep 20 2011

Hi Jerry, You are my favorite artist instructor! I have all your books and many of your dvds.I am ashamed to say that i have only painted a few of your paintings to date as i paint pet portraits and do quite well with commissions ,so that keeps me busy alot of the time.I am following you on your new show painting Autumns Bridge.I am anxiously awaiting part 3 and 4.I am going to paint in the large trees on the left and right as i think that is where you would  start with the next session.I am hoping to sell some of my other paintings besides the commissions for pets ,but don't get me wrong,the money is nice and helps alot with supplies ! I could email you some of my paintings or you can look at my site,   I'd LOVE it if you would email me and let me know what you think of my work.You are the BEST and i can't thank you enough for all your help with your shows and books,dvd's.God Bless you and your family Jerry,Hugs,Jan

Jantina, we now have a critique program. Please review the program from our website. Right now it is only conducted within US but we are looking at opening it up further. The cost is $35 for a 15-minute one-on-one session and can include up to 3 of your paintings.
Thank you for writing! Jerry & Donna Yarnell

By A W Smith

5   Austin, Texas, United States ||  Sep 19 2011

I have watched your TV program for many years with great learning and inspiration from you.  I continue to learn new things in each new painting you do. The depth of your teaching is better than any other artist I can find anywhere. You make a real difference in our art and you enrich our lives. I also write ART REVIEWS of new works and approaches to art for some publications.  If you have some new developments or materials I shall be happy to review them.  Keep up sharing your outstanding work Dr Smith

By David Crane

5   Indiana, United States ||  Sep 16 2011

Jerry: About a month ago, I suffered a stroke losing the ability to use the left side of my body for a time.  Praise God, I am now learning to walk with a walker but my left arm and hand are much slower to respond to therapy (fine motor skills area). Praise the Lord, I am right handed and will continue to work on my art.  Through all of this, we moved from Idaho to Indiana.  It has been quite the roller-coaster ride but I continue to rely on Jesus. You have been a great blessing and help to me and I wanted to ask to be placed on your prayer list. I intend to continue as your "student&quo t; and believe your ministry will bless (and has blessed) many like me.  Thank you.

We certainly will, David. Thank you, God Bless you. Jerry & Donna Yarnell.

By janet jackson

5   ohio, United States ||  Sep 12 2011

First I would like to thank you for making the online school avaiable, it's really helped me . I have been wanting to paint some beach landscapes and I'm having trouble with the sand . I can't quite figure out what color combinations to use. Do you have a book or dvd that would be helpful. When I went on vacation I took a lot of pictures and would really like to convey the same effect such as sunset and sunrise and how that effects the color changes of the water and the sand etc. any advice would be really appreciated. thank you and God bless you for sharing the wonderful gift he has given you.

By Arlene

5   Brentwood, CA, United States ||  Sep 11 2011

I love you show and I've learned a lot. I've been using watercolors and I'm going to go back to Acryllic. Do you varnish your paintings?   Thanks

Arlene, you can read all about varnishing paintings in the "FAQs" section of our website. We do varnish some of our acrylic paintings but not all -- depends on what we're trying to show-case. Jerry & Donna Yarnell

By Connie

3   Gilreath, United States ||  Sep 10 2011

Love your show!!!

By DominiqueC

5   Bastogne, Germany ||  Sep 10 2011

I discovered you by buying one of your book and I literally fall in love for your works>New student in online school, I find that you are a fantastic professor. Your explanations are really clear and your shows are gold mineThanks to inspire us and to share your tips.God bless you

By Angie Madden

5   Elberta, Al, United States ||  Sep 09 2011

I believe that one of the ways we are made in God's image is that we need to be creative.  Jerry, you help me to express that with more skill and enjoyment.  I have only done china painting, but am going to try water color and acrylics.  Do you have anymore  dvd's on water color paainting?  Thanks for sharing your talent.

Hi, Angie, we responded to your email address. Thank you.

By John

5   Renton WA, United States ||  Sep 08 2011

Can you tell me when should i use water color sticks, at the end of the painting for high lite, or thru out the painting  

Hi, John, we responded to your email address. Please be sure to check out the FAQs link from the Home page of our website where you can get answers to lots of your questions. Thank you

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