By Russ Johnson

5   Edmond, ok, United States ||  Jul 20 2012

I have always just pencil drew, never thought I had the skill to try painting. But about a year ago I found Jerry on PBS. I watched a few lessons and still thought there was no way I could paint and not be disappointed with the results. But I stopped worrying about trying to impress people and just try to learn. After a week of painting I have three paintings finished and to my surprise, sure the first looked really bad, but the second I kept trying to not to be so hard on myself and watching Jerry on-line I saw a big improvement. Then the third painting I had family members fighting on who gets it. Jerry, thanks for your teaching style and willingness to share your knowledge and talents. Now I have to paint, its all I think of. And I now dream of being known as an artist, now just a guy how draws pictures and scared to show anyone. See you on the tv!

By Mario McDonald

5   Florida, United States ||  Jul 18 2012

Thank you Jerry and God bless you abundantly. I bought 4 of your books in, I love landscaping, I learned from Bob Ross
but your books have opened a new window in how to see the world around me with my eyes wide open.
Thank you again, your work is awesome.

By Linda Skibinsky

5   Saskatoon, Canada ||  Jul 18 2012

Hi Jerry, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, You are the very best Teacher/Instructor there is.  You explain everything so
thoroughly, we just Love You.  We made it home and yesterday got together with the Mayfair art group for lunch.  The group
wanted to here all about our trip to Your Workshop.  Everyone wants to Thank-you so much for the CD's and we have
a lot of interest in coming as a group or we would like to know what it would take to bring you to Saskatoon or somewhere
in Canada. I watched both those snippet CD'S, before I gave them to the group and they are absolutely incredible.  I will be
ordering more of the snippet CD's or when we come again I will buy some.  Thanks again Jerry....Linda Skibinsky

By Audrey McGann

5   Houston TX, United States ||  Jul 14 2012

              Thanking you, for the ease and confidence you bring into your weekly teaching sessions!...I always come

away inspired to pull out a new canvas and follow the guidelines you define.   I had been signed on to your old site...

I appr4eciate the news of this new site!   Again, thank you for your inspiraton - Saturday morning at 6:00 am is the

time-slot, here, in Houston...I grab my coffee, ..note pad...and am always rewarded.  God Bless.

By Donna Curran

5   Tennessee, United States ||  Jul 09 2012

I am so happy to have found your website because of the reference of a friend. Thank you for all that you share-- your faith and your talents as an artist and a teacher. I am very much of a beginner. I have supplies and have done a few watercolor still life paintings. I have seen some of your older TV programs & mentioned to this friend  & that I had bought some acrylics. So I am thrilled to find your site. I have some of your older DVD's that I may try. 

Thank you and bless you,

By Joi Smith

5   Ohio, United States ||  Jul 08 2012

I am almost 76 years old and have been painting, mostly oils most of my life. I can't paint anymore due to a shoulder injury several years ago.  I miss it so much. I really enjoy watching you. I love your "messy" pallets, brushes that aren't pristine and the fact you have paint on your hands. To me that shows a person who really loves to paint. You are so refreshing. Uh, my brushes, pallets and hands resemble yours. Oh, and I've kept my "painterly" pair of jeans. Have a dob of every color of paint that has ever been made. Made a good wiping rag. Aprons and I have never gotten along. Smiles !  God bless.

By Richard Sandidge

5   Olive Branch Ms., United States ||  Jul 07 2012

 Thanks sooooo much for your teaching us how to be better artist!! I specially like the way you TEACH, not just showing a stroke, but to tell where, what and WHY !!

Yourself, family and crew are doing an excellant job. My little town (right below Memphis) has dropped your show, but we are working on that. You have helped me through the last 3 to 4 years with a severe accident. You have inspired me to paint on canvis (I painted cars for 30 yrs., I know about colors and the techniques. small brushes are new to me!)      Richard

By cheryl moulton

5   salmon,idaho, United States ||  Jun 29 2012

your paintings,....give me a choice to find the innocent child in me once again.Because when i I look at them. I can create a story from each.
They allow me to see what u see thru your mind's eye, or maybe in your case the soul.Thank you ,for allowing me to see God's side of the coin.Which in return gives me peace an knowledge of what he hoped the earth could be. Thank u too for sharing the gift God gave u. I know i haven't the same gift but, I know u can teach me to search inside an find what I might have been given . That is,.... the hard part,.. to put  my pictures an emotions thru the brushes. Thank so much again for hearing his voice. For thru your painting I hear him too.

By Diane Ring

5   Montana, United States ||  Jun 27 2012

I Just wanted to say I really love your TV programs. I have learned a lot about paints and the different brushes. I had one question on acrylic painting. How long should you wait to vanish the painting and what kind of vanish do you prefer. Thanks. Diane

Diane, we have replied direct to your email but also please know that you can find the answer to your question plus many many more answers on the FAQ tab of our website.

Thank you!  Jerry & Donna Yarnell

By Marcy Perrier

5   , United States ||  Jun 25 2012

I love your on line school.....and have so enjoyed the videos and snippets  I have seen and there are so many to
choose from it is amazing. Thank you so much for providing all the information available there. I love a good bargain
and your on line school is just that. What a great way to stay inspired and learn something new, or relearn in a better
Marcy Perrier

By Arlene Daniels

5   Wellington, Ky, United States ||  Jun 23 2012

Hi Jerry,

I've been watching your shows ever since PBS put them on in my area.  I have a question. If you can't draw what do you do? For instance a cow or deer sketch. It looks so very easy for you, but I just can't get it right. Do you have any suggestions for me? I appreciate your help.  I love everything you do, but even more than that, I love that you love Jesus!

I have been painting for years and I'm a certified Bob Ross Instructor, but I just can't draw worth a nickel. I would love to paint a deer, cow, horse. I've tried but I can't get the size right from a picture or the lines or anything else to do with drawing. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Hello, Arlene, and thank you for your posting. We have replied to your personal email.  Thanks again for your nice note!  Jerry & Donna Yarnell

By Raymond Huffman

5   Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States ||  Jun 23 2012

I was watching your program on pbs this morning and happened to notice the web page and after the show was over went to the website. Thanks. I have been watching you for many years now since the 90's. I have learned a lot from you. You are the main inspiration for me learning to paint. A friend of mine and I get together every saturday and discuss the latest painting series and how we can incorporate the different techniques in our paintings. As always we are amazed at how you make it so simple.

Thanks again.

By marilyn m

5   georgia, United States ||  Jun 23 2012

Jerry, love your shows on the local PBS station here. I think you are a wonderful artist, and I have really learned a lot from you. Keep doing the good job you are doing. Do you ever do workshops in the Athens, Ga, area?Wish you would. God bless you and thanks.

We do workshops every year in the April timeframe in Roswell, Georgia, near Atlanta.  Watch our 'workshop schedule' on our website for updates. Thank you!

By marilyn

5   lebanon pa, United States ||  Jun 21 2012

I learn a lot watching your shows, amazing painter and human being.

By Kathy Elliget

5   Harwood, MD, United States ||  Jun 18 2012

Mr Yarnell,  So glad I found you again.  Cannot find you on our local TV stations any more (greater Washington/Baltimore Metro Atea) but will make a request to MD public television.  i'm glad you are well and at work as usual.  I love your work and method of instruction, your voice os great.  As a professor, that is significant :).  I'll exhaust your website and you'll be hearing from me on prayer request.  Thanks and best wishes, Kathryn Elliget

By Peggy

5   Lawrenceville, GA, United States ||  Jun 15 2012

I was very excited to see your new website. The new instructional DVDs available are amazing. I've only been watching your show for about a year,
but have learned so much from watching. I am considering signing up for your online school. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with us.

By Patricia Horelick

5   Marietta, Georgia, United States ||  Jun 14 2012

Dear Jerry,

 Wow! What a terrific new web site! And now I know what I thought all along;you are a fellow believer in the Lord.  I just watched and listened as you preached and painted on your web site and it was wonderful to hear you reaffirm what I know is true. I have watched you paint for years on PBS then on BYUTV and now on PBS again. Watching you has been a great help to me in my own painting. As our smalll business has suffered during this recession, I began to pray for a way to help out financially and last year I sold eleven paintings! This year so far I have sold three. I was just using the paintings as gifts and still do sometimes because they bless other people as well as blessing me. I truly thank God for the talent of painting. I can't think of anything else He could have given me that would bring this much enjoyment. Please add my 21 year old son to your prayer list. He was raised in church but has been rebellious for years. Help me pray that he will turn around and put his trust in God.  Prayer is the only answer. Thanks again for that wonderful message and a great new web site. Wishing you God's richest blessings on your health and your new marriage, Patricia

By Rose Harrell

5   Brookings Oregon, United States ||  Jun 12 2012

This is the first time I have ever seen you.  I don't have TV and I work long hours.  Some one from The Art Colony suggested I watch you to learn how to use acrylics.  :)  I got to watch your snippets and was very excited.  Now I have to save up the money to get the online classes or dvd's.  Being a first time art student at 51 yrs of age is not only challenging but almost the most exciting thing in my life.  And thank you so much for acknowledging God in your great talents.  Blesses my soul when someone gives God the glory!


By Marilyn Copeland

5   Indiana, United States ||  Jun 08 2012

First time here and was so happy to hear you give God credit for your talent. Have several of your books and have watched you on PBS

station South Bend..Have been a oil painter for years and taught for 30 yrs, and have done the acrylics love your style. You do a great job explaining
how you apply your paint and about color. Hats off to you..!!!  Your a MASTER painter for sure.... God Bless what you do.

By George enscoe

5   Roseville, United States ||  Jun 08 2012

Your art has inspired our family to try our hand at paint night its great fun. especially for those who thought they couldn't . thanks

By Murray moore

5   Paducah,ky, United States ||  Jun 01 2012

I enjoyed the shows of Kim  I enjoy figure paintings hope you do more of this kind of shows.

By Marcy Perrier

5   , United States ||  Jun 01 2012

Dear Jerry,
 I have watched and learned from you for many years on television and enjoyed several of your tapes.
I recently attended a two day workshop in Scottsdale Arizona painting "Step By Beautiful Step" and it
was such a rewarding experience  in which I learned many new things.
You gave us all  personal attention and were very approachable when asked questions, whats more,
you had the answers! I went home with renewed spirit.
Thank you for all you do for so many people. I plan to join your on line school and attend your workshop
next year. Thank you so much, Marcy
PS  I love my new brushes!!!!!

By Don Williamson

5   LaPorte, United States ||  May 29 2012

Hi Jerry,  I have been watching your TV instruction for many years. My older, late, brother tipped me off to your great instruction style and I have been watching since. I am pretty much self taught and prefer acrylics. I just saw your latest new program on PBS and only wish it were for an hour vs. 1/2 hour. I hope your program continues for a long time, your talent for teaching is needed......... Don

By (retired pastor) John Morgan

5   Mesa, AZ (Fountain Hills), United States ||  May 27 2012

Jerry, Wanda and I met you today at North Chapel (Fountain Hills, AZ) and was blessed with your sermon and painting.  I am one of your students (purchased your DVD's) and hope to attend one of your in person workshops when you're out here in Scottsdale again.  It was great to meet your brother, Tom, also.  It was a great day today to worship together.

By Lynne

5   Montana, United States ||  May 21 2012


I have been watching you since 2006 and love every minute of it!  You are the best teacher I have ever had the pleasure of watching.  Do you still have students send photos of their work in when they are finished?
  I am an oil painter, so it takes me longer to finish a painting.  But I am doing "step by beautiful step" and really love doing it.  Thank you for all you do and 
keep up your wonderful shows.....God Bless you and your family.....

Lynne, we have a 'critique-for-fee' program wherein Jerry will critique 1-3 of your artworks in a fifteen-minute session w/you for a minimal fee.  You can read more about the program and register for a session by going to the "Critique Session" tab of our website  Thank you for your kind words! 

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