By nolie hesse

5   palm desert ca, United States ||  Oct 15 2014

I give a thumbs up tp Rich Fischer!!! His class in Mesa AZ was great. Of course he would be great since he has had the greatest teacher!!! Hope he will have another class soon. Nolie

By Pari Ravel

5   , United States ||  Oct 13 2014

Dear Jerry, WELCOME BACK. Love to see you back again.  I also had an email from Create team P.B.S. letting me know that you are coming back.  I love your red barn  painting, started recording it for my next painting project. God bless you , and good to see you again.  Fondly Pari Ravel.<br>

By Gerald

5   Dinwiddie, VA, United States ||  Oct 11 2014

If you've ever driven through a rural area, it's likely that you've seen the red barns that speckle the farming landscape. There are several theories as to why barns are painted red.Centuries ago, European farmers would seal the wood on their barns with an  oil, often linseed oil -- a tawny-colored oil derived from the seed of the flax plant. They would paint their barns with a linseed-oil mixture, often consisting of additions such as milk and lime. The combination produced a long-lasting paint that dried and hardened quickly. (Today, linseed oil is sold in most home-improvement stores as a wood sealant). Now, where does the red come from?</div><div><br></div><div>In historically accurate terms, "barn red" is not the bright, fire-engine red that we often see today, but more of a burnt-orange red. As to how the oil mixture became traditionally red, there are two predominant theories:</div><div><br></div><div>Wealthy farmers added blood from a recent slaughter to the oil mixture. As the paint dried, it turned from a bright red to a darker, burnt red.Farmers added ferrous oxide, otherwise known as rust, to the oil mixture. Rust was plentiful on farms and is a poison to many fungi, including mold and moss, which were known to grown on barns. These fungi would trap moisture in the wood, increasing decay.<Regardless of how the farmer tinted his paint, having a red barn became a fashionable thing. They were a sharp contrast to the traditional white farmhouseAs European settlers crossed over to America, they brought with them the tradition of red barns. In the mid to late 1800s, as paints began to be produced with chemical pigments, red paint was the most inexpensive to buy. Red was the color of favor until whitewash became cheaper, at which point white barns began to spring up

Thank you. We’ve had hundreds of emails now explaining why barns are red.  Thanks to our wonderful listeners, Jerry is now well educated about reasons for red barns. J

By Rick M

5   Wilmington, N.C,, United States ||  Oct 11 2014

Really enjoy your shows....I have copied the pallet set up and paper towels do great. I cannot, however, figure out the center where you mix colors. Have tried paper towels and wax paper and neither will hold up very well. Can you tell me what you use?

By karen garman

5   pennsylvania, United States ||  Oct 08 2014

I was diagnosed with ms a year ago and up till that time never picked up a paint brush..After having a few relapses I thought why not. I began recording your shows, watching and re-watching them trying to learn all I could.  I purchased canvases, brushes and paints and sat down and realized that painting isBless now something that I have a talent for.  Now for Christmas and birthdays all my family wants a painting. God Bless you.

By tommy boehlert jr

5   utica ny, United States ||  Oct 04 2014

my name is tommy and i like your show so much  i watch it all the time  thank you tommy b

By Mary Carter

5   North Carolina, United States ||  Oct 01 2014

Just watched a video of you preaching in Arizona, it was a powerful message on "why prayer not answered".  Thank you for the message and for your wonderful TV show.  I started painting (although I had always drawn since a child) when I was about to retire.  I took some classes at a local college, and have taken other classes over the years.  However, I learned the most when I found your TV show.  I was blessed to be able to come to your studio several years ago for your open class.   I knew it was different from other classes I had attended, but didn't realize why until a fellow attendee from California clued me in.  He told me he was so happy to come to your studio since you were a Christian, and the groups in his area were very atheistic.  God bless you and watch over you as you use your talents to share with others.

By Jane S.

5   Wirtz, VA, United States ||  Sep 27 2014

Watching Jerry and learning from his explanations as he works is so relaxing. I would truly love to watch him paint a moonlight winter night in the country, where the snow crystals reflect moonlight. Wonderful memories of my childhood when I'd go outdoors just to sit and enjoy the incredible serenity and beauty of the snow at night. Snow drifts around the farm buildings and clinging to pine trees.  Warm light shining from the farmhouse windows and smoke rising from the chimney.

By Constance

5   Cleveland, Texas, United States ||  Sep 27 2014

I have always watched your shows, they are great!  I have contacted PBS station, channel 8 about this problem with no results so I thought maybe you might help.  I record all your shows and when I want to choose a recorded one to watch there is a different title to the show.  It will show morning fog for a completely different show. This happens every time. So it's very difficult to find the show I want to watch because it will have a different title. Hope you can help, thankyouConstance Kinnison

Unfortunately, we have no control over this, Constance. Our students have the best success by contacting their PBS network directly. They also mention at times they have to be a 'broken record' by contacting PBS repeatedly.

By Cheri Kaufman

5   Moundridge, Kansas, United States ||  Sep 26 2014

I am 71 and new to learning to paint. I watch all your programs and  it has helped me so much. I just wish I lived closer to you to take your classes. Keep up the good work.

By Tony D.

5   Janesville, Wis., United States ||  Sep 25 2014

I called PBS, too and they assured me that Jerry will be back on Create TV in Wisconsin as soon as his new series is available. His older shows have cycled through the lineup, they say. They've received many calls and tell me he will be aired again. Exactly when , I don't know.

Our shows Paint This With Jerry Yarnell will air again on Create TV beginning October 10.

By Clell Boyce

5   Vancouver, WA 98661, United States ||  Sep 24 2014

You are Inspiration for me a one time oil painter, thank you keep it up! I look forward to working with acrylics.

By Sonia Guzman

5   Midland, TX, United States ||  Sep 16 2014

Only thank you for all ;))

By forrest swearingen

5   pennsylvania, United States ||  Sep 11 2014

just got registered.friday I start YSOcant wait to get started. thank you so much

By Vivian l. Rhea

5   Monmouth, OR, United States ||  Sep 08 2014

I believe You (Jerry) to be the best artist I have met or seen.  I am 82 years old and have done oil paintings since I was 32 years old; watercolors longer than that.  I've done artwork intermittently all these years.  I've shown and sold just a few; given away mostly, to family and friends.  Due to working hard just to live, I haven't done much with it.  I took a general watercolor class  at Clatsop College in Astoria, OR. at the Job Corps Center there.  Then when I was living and working in Baker City, OR, I took several workshops with a great western painter.  I probably learned more from him than I had in all those years, until I started watching you, Jerry, on OPB.At Christmas this last Dec., my brother asked what I needed to get started painting again and said "you need to be painting!"  As I have only Social Security to live on, it would help greatly if the economy here in Oregon had not forced most galleries out of business.  One owner of our still functioning Galleries told me last week that most of his sales are now online and most of his sales at the gallery are framing.  I recently bought a digital camera and plan to put photos of my paintings on my computer.  When I figure that out, I will send you pics for you to critique. if you don't mind.  By the was, the chickens ("Pecking Order") I just watched on OPB; the red one appeared to be a Rhode Island Red and the speckled one a Barred Rock.  I WAS raised on a farm .  I watch you both Monday (School of Fine Art) and on Friday (Paint This).  Love them both.  Thanks 

By Pat Harris

5   Buffalo Gap, TX, United States ||  Aug 31 2014

I have painted since I was in high school.  I have taken lessons from some really good artists, but I think I learned more those two days in Dumas, realized how much I had forgotten.  When I uprooted my 4 kids and went to college I was planning on getting a degree in art.  However, Geology won out, I did take art all 4 years with Dr. Caballero.  Than after I graduated geology and raising the kids kinda took over.  I am really enjoying painting again.   Thanks for the boost.  Janice and I are looking forward to coming to Oklahoma and taking a class with you at your place sometime in the near future.

By Patti M

5   Denmark, Wis, United States ||  Aug 25 2014

Jerry I am sooooo sad. Our local PBS station has replaced your show with another painting artist. She does more whimsical painting and is no fun to watch at all. I will have to contact our local station and complain. I so enjoy your great teaching style and have learned so much from you. God bless you. Patti

By Richard K.

5   New York, United States ||  Aug 21 2014

I have studied and viewed many dvd instructional material and by far Jerry Yarnell is the very best in teaching and explaining the acrylic painting techniques, in a way you cannot help but learn. Jerry has a God given talent. Thanks for opening a whole new world to me.

By Nancy Harvey

5   Loves Park, IL, United States ||  Aug 16 2014

Thank you for an excellent workshop on July 20 & 21 on the European Flower Box painting.  The individualized attention given by Jerry and each of his staff made me feel like it was a family get together.  Thanks.  Nancy

By Tony

5   Janesville, Wisconsin, United States ||  Aug 09 2014

Although I've studied art in high school and college and have been painting for over four decades, I had an 18 year hiatus from my work until I saw Jerry's first show last Fall and was re-inspired. I've learned many new techniques and tricks thanks to Jerry's tv show an online school videos. A heartfelt thank you to Jerry and his wonderful staff for all your hard work and dedication. I'm entering a regional art competition this month at our local performing arts center, as well as having my first one-man show in January and I'm excited to display what I've done recently. Thanks, Jerry. You are a true mentor to us all! Hope to meet you someday.

By Debbie & June

5   Ohio, United States ||  Jul 24 2014

Hi, just wanted to thank you Jerry, and all your helpers for the wonderful experience Mom and I just had in your two day class. Wish we lived closer!  I'm just learning to paint but you helped me learn a lot in just two days.  I look forward to painting with you soon - via video! God Bless you and your ministry

By April McDermott

5   Charlotte N.C., United States ||  Jul 18 2014

I enjoy your online classes so much. Jerry your enthusiasm  and joy you share just makes me smile and encourages me so much.In one of your water misable snippets,you referred to a painting of a rocky faced mountain that you used a pallet knife with. Is that available to watch? I didn't see it anywhere.  Thank you, and can't wait for your water-misable painting classes.

By Chuck Taylor

5   Batavia, IL, United States ||  Jul 12 2014

As a student in Jerry's YSO, I can't say enough good things about it.  I have also had two critique sessions with Jerry that were worth their weight in gold.  From these experiences and doing some "show and tell," I was asked to have an art show at the Holmstad Creative Arts Center here in Batavia, IL.  The show opens Tuesday, July 15th and runs until the end of September.  Without Jerry's help and encouragement, I don't think I could have my own art show.  It will be a mix of acrylics and oils, with the emphasis on acrylics and the styles are impressionistic realism.  The "critters (wildlife)" are more realism than impressionism while the landscapes are more impressionism.

By Teresa Whaley

5   Franklin, Virginia, United States ||  Jul 09 2014

I love your show and have learned a lot from you.   It really helps to have someone explain why you do things the way you do.  Would love to get your newsletter.

By Johnd170

5   Very informative article post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. ceddbcdeceee, Albania ||  Jul 01 2014

Very informative article post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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