By Johnd170

5   Very informative article post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. ceddbcdeceee, Albania ||  Jul 01 2014

Very informative article post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

By Starr ODonnell

5   Altamonte Springs fl, United States ||  Jun 29 2014

I just looked at all your paintings on line and fell in love again. Still waiting for a class at Daytona or somewhere close to us. Hopefully 2015 since I see nothing for 2014. I have all your brushes and am still painting watercolor but will be doing an oil with a local artist =Debbie Zacharias ,   doing a .Buuilding with arches and rod iron, looks really hard but will challenge me. I still want to fly out one day and come to your studio for a class. Time does not permit me to do so but I am still determined. Debbie said she took a class with you before She has a little studio in Winter Springs, Fl.  Most important- I love all your beautiful paintings. Have a great 4th of JulyIdalia Lemus , said hi also. She is now 96 and we still paint. I pray I will be blessed with a long life to get to be a great artist as you. Tell your wife hello from us.    Starr

By Maria

5   in the rio grande valley, United States ||  Jun 28 2014

I always love  watching you each saturday at 3pm! I learn a lot by watching and learning! Love your show!

By Gene Reuter

5   Kansas City, Mo., United States ||  Jun 25 2014

Interested in getting your newsletter!

By Susan Rhame

5   Austin, Texas, United States ||  Jun 25 2014

Mr. Yarnell, Thank you for your show and your newsletter.  I've tried to learn painting from other very good artists' shows but they always seemed like a paint by number exercise instead of actually teaching the basics and eventually the advanced techniques the way your show does.  Please keep up the good work!  Also, I just read your second newsletter and the Inspiration Palette was just what I needed on this day, at this time, to overcome a lack of self-confidence.  Because of your encouragement, I will keep learning and keep painting, even though I am still very much a beginner.  God has blessed me (and thousands of others) with your gift.  Thank you for sharing it.

By Bart Mitcham

5   Georgia, United States ||  Jun 21 2014

I learn a lot about mixing colors from watching your show on public television.  I enjoyed learning to make snow by flicking paint from a toothbrush.  I am a woodcarver and do a lot of Christmas ornaments and Santas.  I don't paint on canvas, but do paint my figures.  Keep up the good work.Bart

By Pat Workman

5   Kentucky, United States ||  Jun 20 2014

Jerry,  I am enjoying your painting of "Bluebird Paradise".  Your painting style shows a real God-given talent.  Bluebirds like bird houses about 5 to 6 feet off the ground WITHOUT a perch.  They seem to be able to zero in on the entrance without stopping.  I don't see many bluebirds in my area anymore, so, I really enjoy seeing your project.

By Lane Davis

5   Cumming, GA, United States ||  Jun 18 2014

Jerry, "Paint This" comes on every Saturday morning on WPBA-30 at 7:00 am, Cumming, Georgia. This is what gets me up early on a "I-can-sleep-in" Saturday morning. Since we have U-Verse we can record shows and watch them later. I record every one of your series just in case I have to miss a show and I watch them over and over until they have to be deleted for room to record more. God has bless you with such a talent. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and for Glorifying Him. You are very patient and explain each step with clear, precise verbal and visual instructions. Your camera crew zooms in spot on!  I love to paint buildings of all sorts, churches, barns, old school houses, etc., but  I cannot paint the needed foliage that goes with buildings. Its a disaster every time. So, since you have showed how to paint a muddled, muted, colorful suggestive backgrounds my buildings really "pop" on the canvas. I am going to purchase some of your DVDs and use them so that I can learn the art of fine painting. I pray that you can continue with your TV programs for many years. Please sne dme your newsletters. Thank you.

By JoBeth Gilliam

5   Lubbock, TX, United States ||  Jun 16 2014

Jerry thank you for awarding me first place in the West Texas Watercolor spring show.  It was an honor to have been selected by a well known creditable artist/teacher.  Although my focus is on watercolor I do enjoy your beautiful paintings.  Blessings, JoBeth

Thank you, JoBeth!  Jerry teaches all mediums so he is very familiar with watercolor as well as oil, acrylic, etc.,  .... in fact he is planning to produce new TV Shows using watercolor once our camera crew is ready to go.  Blessings to you, Jerry & Donna

By Wayne Yurchak

5   Summit Hill, PA, United States ||  Jun 15 2014

Jerry, Do you plan on adding any new paintings to your Fine Art page soon? I always look forward to seeing what you're working on. I'm sure you have lots to share.

By barbara hill

5   coshocton, ohio, United States ||  Jun 05 2014

A few weeks ago, I set up an appointment for my first critique session with Jerry. Well, it was worth every penny of his fee. I learned so much in that 15 min. session on my Art technique's strengths and weaknesses and what to do to improve my piece of art. Just so much information in a constructive, gentle critique. If you have not had a critique --put it on your list of things to do. Excellent learning tool. Thanks, Jerry.

By Carol McDonald

5   Sweetwater,Tennessee, United States ||  Jun 02 2014

I increased my contribution to PBS last month and then two weeks ago Yarnell School was replaced with Donna Dewberry . I can not believe Bob Ross continues to be shown and not Jerry who actually teaches art. I have notified PBS that I will no longer be contributing at the increased amount until Jerry is back. I will just start ordering more  DVDs from this site.

By William L. Shackelford

5   Baxter Springs, KS, United States ||  Jun 02 2014

Sir,   I have not been able to view your classes on my local PBS/Crete channel....from Joplin/Springfield, MO now for two weeks....I have a heart condition that prevents me from leaving the house in certain weather conditions.   Do we have a problem with the programing of what?  May desire is to have your quality programing......thanks so much for providing me with help in getting an answer for my question.  Be Richly Blessed. 

By Mickey Scott

5   Lafayette, Louisiana, United States ||  May 31 2014

I am a disabled Cancer survivor and have recently begun painting again. I have been a musician and artist all my life and enjoy switching between the two mediums. I got hooked after hearing the opening Jingle to Jerry's painting show on PBS. I started watching and decided to try painting again. I ordered my first DVD, A Farmers Icon (Barn).  I have always enjoyed drawing and this has been very relaxing for me. I recently purchased brush kits from the Yarnell School of Fine Art. I want to thank you Jerry and Miss Donna and all the hard working staff at the Yarnell School of Fine Art.

Sincerely, Mickey Scott,

God Bless Us All

By Bonnie Poore

5   Jeffersonville, Ind, United States ||  May 31 2014

As usual, love your teaching techniques, but recently began a "diptych" as described in one of your recent classes and applied it to a City scene.  My city is on the river so I used the companion canvas for a small part of the city and the bridge connecting the two.  Everything I am attempting is based on your educational classes and I just want to thank you over and over again. Your city "night scene" began just as I had been laboring on what to do for a diptych.  Not finished, but well on my way!

By Diane Bowen

5   Pelzer,SC, United States ||  May 28 2014

Mr. Yarnell,I have some of your dvd's and your beginning books on oil painting.  I love your painting and the way your teach but I am just beginning and I do not know how to draw but want to paint now instead of waiting.  Do you have any patterns for your paintings?  I want to also thank you so much for your ministry also.   Diane Bowen

Diane, sorry but patterns are not a part of fine-art techniques.  Rather the focus is on learning the technical aspects of painting (composition, design, perspective, etc) so that you can enjoy the freedom of creating your own paintings”technically correct.”  We do offer a beginner kit, and we do have beginner-level DVDs, as well as hundreds of snippets. Yarnell School Online as well is a great learning tool and provides you with access anytime of the day or night from the comfort of your computer, laptop, IPad, IPhone or Android device to all of Jerry’s materials – not just his new Paint This with Jerry Yarnell TV Shows -- but many more materials that you’ll never be able to see on TV such as his 14 volumes of snippets plus instructions which were created just for members of Yarnell School Online. 


By Bev

5   North Carolina, United States ||  May 28 2014

Why does Jerry use Gesso instead of white paint?  And is he using that only with acrylics?

You can find that answer from the FAQs section of Jerry’s website. These are answers to questions that Jerry has answered over the years, and they are a FREE resource for Jerry’s students. Enjoy!

By Marie Hancock

5   LA, CA, United States ||  May 25 2014

Love your work. today, 5/25/14 in your painting "Morning Fog" what medium were you using?  I tuned in late into your show and missed that. Thank you.  Marie

By Doris Clark

5   Columbus, NC, United States ||  May 24 2014

Life truly begins after retirement. When I retired I took a class at the local community college and was hooked forever. I tell everyone it is cheaper than therapy. Later I was diagnosed with cancer and painting has been my life line. I have learned so much from the PBS classes and will somehow work out a way and time to take one of your workshops. It is such a pleasure to spend time with you via PBS and I want you to know how much you mean to all of us who want to become better at our work. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge.

By Maxine Scott

5   Portland, Or, United States ||  May 21 2014

Thank you so much for your programs o PBS where we have learned so much and made painting a joy to our life.  My sister and I stopped by your place on our way to Arkansas and what a beautiful area it is.  Just like on TV. What a blessing you are with the wonderful talent you have and to share it with the world.  We are truly blessed by it.  My sister Nancy never held a paint brush until she was inspired by you and now she does quite well with her acrylics.  I use oil as I need the time to correct what I think are mistakes.  She is 76 and I am 80 so it is never to late to learn.  God Bless you and your family.When you come to Oregon again please let us know whether it is the mountains, rivers, deserts waterfalls or the ocean that is best to your liking.  We'll see it in your paintings.  I myself like trees.Sincerely, Maxine "Rae" Scott

By Lenora Clifford

5   Shilo M.B., Canada ||  May 21 2014

Thanks for your programs on PBS. From them I've been able to pick up a lot info for my paintings.  I just finished a art show in our home town of Brandon Manitoba. One of my paintings was chose to go on tour! And to be judged at the up and coming Art Show in Winnipeg Manitoba. So I just want to thank you and the man upstairs for this great experience!  God Bless        Lenora

By Dar & Julie Stow

5   Mountain View, Arkansas, United States ||  May 17 2014

Hi Jerry, My wife Juie and I watch your show faithfully every Saturday morning at 9:30 AM. Julie is the painter and uses acrylic and water color. She is following along with the bluebird house project but she is using two 4" x 4" canvas's. That's what happened to be on hand at the time. I am a wood carver but I pick up shading or shadowing technics that I can put to use in what I do. We just watched your ministry video and it is a true blessing for us to know how your ministry works and that you are a Christian minister. God bless what you do and we will continue to watch your classes. Dar and Julie Stow

By Judith Tyni

5   Oconto, United States ||  May 13 2014

Thank You so much for such wonderful Instruction. I love the Certification Program along with the YSO Instruction Series. A lot of Education for the money! I am so glad I signed on with this program, it will be a huge part of my life from now on.So grateful for your program and God Bless,Sincerely,Judith Tyni

By Brent Anderson

5   Lubbock, TX, United States ||  May 11 2014

Just finished a 2 day workshop in Lubbock. Wow, what an awesome experience. I think everyone had a great time and the instruction was second to none. Thank you again, and hurry back.

By Regina

5   Pennsylvania, United States ||  May 09 2014

Jerry, I love watching you paint on TV. I only own watercolor paints and paper but you have given me the inspiration to try acrylics, because you make it look so easy. Beleive it or not I sometimes paint along with you with my watercolor paints. They look great!!!! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing of your creative talents!!!

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